About Us

Our Vision

A united SIS community with a fulfilling student life and opportunities for holistic growth

Our Mission

To serve and care for our community with initiatives that focus on engagement, holistic development and fostering a shared sense of identity

Our Values

Selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others, rather than with one's own . We would like to encourage our fellow SIS students to be considerate, help each other out, share ideas and resources, in order to develop a united community where we can depend on each other for support.

Inquisitiveness, also known as curiosity is an emotion related to natural inquisitive behaviour such as exploration, investigation, and learning. This value represents a drive to know new things, which exemplifies students of SIS who are always seeking innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Sincerity is the virtue with which one acts in accordance with their feelings and thoughts. We aim for sincere and honest relationships amongst all SIS students, where we can share our opinions and thoughts freely without fear of judgement, to develop an open and honest culture amongst the SIS community.

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Our Team

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President's Address

16th Management Committee President
Thank you to all who have continously supported Ellipsis in our various engagements and initiatives! The SIS Community has been expanding and developing, and now includes students from three different degree programmes and four majors. Therefore, the 16th Ellipsis Management Committee will continue to strive towards fostering a united SIS community, with holistic development for all students. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any form of collaboration, we are always open for partnerships to better enhance the student life in SIS.

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Vice-President's Address

16th Management Committee Vice-President
Thank you to all our partners and students for supporting Ellipsis’ endeavours. Ellipsis strives to continue serving you through our events and initiatives, encouraging both professional and personal development of our SIS students. During our term, we hope to build strong bonds within the SIS community, inculcating a sense of family and unity amongst our students, professors, alumni and partners. At the same time, we hope to extend our reach to the wider SMU community as well, to raise awareness of tech’s role in businesses and help develop the technical capabilities of SMU students. We are always open to any collaborations with interested parties. Do reach out to us if you are interested in supporting us in this mission.

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